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Imagine Lexington’s Public Engagement Toolkit

While we came together as a community to express our vision and goals for growth in Lexington, the hard part, implementation of the policies that make this vision a reality, is what we currently face. With zone changes, public opposition, op-eds, and conversations happening around the city around our infill and re-development strategy, it’s important to remember that while it’s difficult work, it’s worthwhile and necessary to keep our city extraordinary.

A main focus of the opposition has been on Placebuilder, a framework in our Comprehensive Plan that our community uses to understand and govern zone change decisions. A difficult part of all zone changes, now and in the future (and regardless of Placebuilder), will be the engagement by and between developers that want to develop property and the neighbors and residents that will feel the impact of that development. As we know, communication is key, and community stakeholders, organized by the Division of Planning, have been hard at work for the past 6 months developing a resource guide that can help the parties involved in those conversations have more meaningful engagement.

The result of this work is the Public Engagement Tool Kit, which you can find at www.imaginelexington.com/implement.

View Public Engagement Toolkit

It is a best practice resource guide to help facilitate meaningful conversations between all the parties involved in and affected by a zone change, and will help citizens navigate this process.

The more educated we are as citizens and the more engaged we can get in these processes, the better we can advocate for the growth we want and the growth our city needs to be successful. We encourage you to take a look at the Tool Kit and get a feel for how it can be of assistance to you and your neighborhood!