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Green Architecture in Lexington and The Fayette Alliance



“Green architecture is slowly on the rise in Lexington”

BizLex.com, by Natalie R. Lile, LEED AP
Posted December 6, 2011

…Architects aren’t the only Lexingtonians who are interested in green design.

“We encourage not only farm preservation, but responsible and imaginative development throughout Fayette County,” said Knox van Nagell, executive director of the Fayette Alliance.

In 2008, a study of the carbon footprints of the nation’s 100 largest metropolitan areas released by the Brookings Institution put Lexington at No. 100 — the worst of all. According to the report, Lexington is the 91st-largest metro area, but produces greenhouse gases at a per capita rate much higher than large cities such as Los Angeles (No. 2 on the footprint list) and New York (No. 4)…Read more at BizLex.com