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Farmland Spared from R.V. Park

RV Park

On Friday, the Board of Adjustment unanimously denied a permit to allow a 444 space R.V. park on 91 acres of prime Bluegrass farmland in Northern Fayette County. The board denied the permit because they were concerned with the long-term impacts of an R.V. park in the rural area, the ability to environmentally restore the farm, and several sewer treatment issues. Read more about the hearing at Kentucky.com

The Fayette Alliance, as Lexington’s advocate for sustainable growth, led the opposition, and was joined by several community partners including Fayette County Farm Bureau, the Kentucky Thoroughbred Association, the Rural Land Management Board, Hagyard Equine Medical Institute, the Neighborhood Council, and area neighbors and farmers.

Indeed, this was a team effort–and after a two hour hearing–we were able to defeat this onerous development that would have jeopardized our rural area and fragile waterways.

Your support makes these victories possible, and with it, the Alliance can continue to protect our irreplaceable farmland and streams, while strengthening the city of Lexington through innovative infill redevelopment . Please donate today, for our town, our farms, and our future.

Thank you, and please contact me anytime if The Fayette Alliance can ever be of assistance.

Executive Director
The Fayette Alliance
Knox van Nagell, J.D.

Read more about the proposed R.V. park,

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