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Council Unanimously Passes Amendments to B-6P (Planned Shopping Center) Zone

We are pleased to report that on February 8, 2018, the LFUCG Council unanimously voted to adopt amendments to the B-6P (Planned Shopping Center) zone.

The amendments modernize the zone and enable greater redevelopment opportunities along our main corridors. A central focus of the 2018 Goals & Objectives is redevelopment of our major corridors and encouraging transit-oriented/multi-modal transit development, which is supported with these amendments. The stated intent of the proposed amendments is as follows:

  • Improve the economic base and tax structure of our community by creating a variety of employment and commercial opportunities while also increasing the supply and mixture of housing types along our major corridors;
  • Encourage development and redevelopment along our major corridors that is community-minded and creates a sense of place while also protecting existing neighborhoods;
  • Ensure safe multi-modal transit options through connectivity, mass transit efficiency, and proper infrastructure for pedestrian, bike, and other transit options.

To achieve the stated intent, the primary proposed amendments are as follows:

  1. Elimination of minimum parking requirements;
  2. Introduction of multi-family residential as a principal permitted use;
  3. Provision of adequate infrastructure for all modes of transportation; and
  4. Encouragement to “build up” by being granted additional lot coverage for meeting threshold floor areas.

Importantly, the amendments also provide protections for existing neighborhoods that abut or adjoin B-6P developments, including buffering and screening. However, whether or not neighborhoods are provided necessary protections will depend upon each specific development plan and how the Ordinance is implemented.

We applaud the Staff, Planning Commission, and Council for hitting the ground running on implementing the 2018 Goals & Objectives.

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