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Fayette Alliance Awards

Thanks to everyone who joined us for the Fayette Alliance Awards Reception. 

In case you missed the fun, we want to congratulate all of our award winners and announce the 2015 People’s Choice Award recipient — The Arboretum!

Read more below about the awards and this year’s recipients.


Join us for the Fayette Alliance Awards Reception!

Thursday, November 19th
from 7-9 pm at Ethereal Brewing

Live music following the awards presentation by local band
Hay Oats Water

Fayette Alliance Awards celebrate and recognize the people, organizations, and projects that help us achieve our mission of sustainably growing our city and promoting our farms in Lexington. Awards represent the major pillars of our mission: agricultural excellence, innovative development, and environmental stewardship. All recipients of Fayette Alliance Awards, should primarily do business, be located in Fayette County, or significantly impact Fayette County’s community or economy; and meet the criteria of the award they are given.

Fayette Alliance Vision

In addition to the criteria for each individual award, recipients must also be aligned with Fayette Alliance’s vision for Lexington-Fayette County.

Vision: Lexington-Fayette County will be the model for innovative and sustainable growth, by connecting and balancing its vibrant city with its productive and unique Bluegrass farmland.

We are proud to announce the
2015 Fayette Alliance Award Recipients:

Agricultural Excellence


Chef Ouita Michel

Innovative Development


The Jefferson Street Corridor

Environmental Stewardship

The Arboretum

Visionary Award


Debra Hensley

Unlike the other Fayette Alliance Awards, the Visionary Award is given at the discretion of the Fayette Alliance Awards Committee and is not open to nominations from the public. This award is given to a project, person, or initiative that has had an enduring and widespread  positive impact on Lexington-Fayette County. 

The Fayette Alliance Award


Linda Gorton

Unlike the other Fayette Alliance Awards, The Fayette Alliance Award is given at the discretion of the Fayette Alliance Board of Directors. This award is given to an individual in the community for their profound leadership, dedication, and contributions to Lexington-Fayette County. 

Selection Process

The Fayette Alliance Awards Committee and the public submitted nominees for the three Fayette Alliance awards: Agricultural Excellence, Innovative Development, and Environmental Stewardship. Once the application process closed, the Fayette Alliance Awards Committee reviewed all the nominees and selected recipients for the three award categories.

The public is invited to vote on a single overall “People’s Choice” Award from among the award recipients for Agricultural Excellence, Innovative Development, and Environmental Sustainability that were chosen by the committee. The Fayette Alliance Awards Committee may also give a Lexington Visionary award at their own discretion.

Nominating Committee:
Eunice Beatty Eunice Beatty, Ph.D.
Dr. Beatty is a retired college professor and administrator of Bluegrass Community and Technical College (BCTC) (formerly University of Kentucky-Community College System), and the University of Kentucky-College of Allied Health. She holds three earned degrees from the University of Kentucky: a doctorate degree in Educational Psychology and Counseling, with a minor in Marriage and Family Science; a master degree in Education, with an emphasis on Curriculum and Instruction; and a bachelor of Health Science degree in Dental Hygiene. Dr. Beatty is a recipient of The National Master Teacher Award and is a 1990 national W.K. Kellogg Fellow.
Price_Bell_web Price Bell
Price Bell was born and raised in Lexington, KY where he spent his summer working at Mill Ridge farm. After graduating from Vanderbilt, Price worked for Parkway Properties in Charlotte, NC and then in Nashville, TN, where he joined the board of the Nashville Downtown Partnership, and was heavily involved in the Urban Land Institute and the Nashville Chamber of Commerce. In 2011 he returned to Lexington, where he works for Nicoma Bloodstock as a bloodstock consultant. Shortly upon his return to Nashville, Price joined the Fayette Alliance Board.
TODD-CLARK-200x300 Todd Clark
Todd Clark is a graduate of the Kentucky Agricultural Leadership Program and the Kentucky Cattlemen’s Leadership Program. As the proprietor of Todd Clark Farm, he owns 100 acres and farms an additional 800 rented acres. Todd Clark is the recipient of many awards including the 2004 KY Farm Bureau’s Outstanding Farm Family Award, runner-up for the 2005 American Farm Bureau Young Farmer and Rancher Achievement National Award, the 2009 Philip Morris Achievement Award, and the 2011 KFGC Alfalfa Producer Award. He is also Chair of the Local Food Association, a national trade group for local food businesses.
ken_Cooke Ken Cooke
Ken Cooke works with Friends of Wolf Run to restore his home watershed. Ken worked for the Kentucky Division of Water Management Branch before retiring in 2007. His responsibilities included recruiting and training volunteers to monitor water quality in streams, rivers, lakes and wetlands through the statewide Water Watch program. As the South Central Division Director of the American Heart Association, he was trained in volunteer organization prior to his work with the Kentucky Division of Water Management. He now organizes stream clean ups, habitat restoration projects, and other programs in Lexington watersheds.
Stanford Harvey Stanford Harvey
Stan Harvey is a Lord, Aeck & Sargent (LAS) principal and co-founder of the urban design and planning practice, Urban Collage. With a background in both architecture and city planning, his specialties are conceptualizing planning processes, facilitating community participation, directing facilities / infrastructure programs and developing implementation strategies. Many of Harvey’s plans have earned awards from organizations such as the U.S. Green Building Council, the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) as well as ASLA’s Kentucky chapter, and the Georgia and Kentucky chapters of the American Planning.
Van Meter Pettit Photo Van Meter Pettit
Van Meter Pettit, AIA, is a practicing architect and Lexington native. He is founder and president of Town Branch Trail, Inc., a local 501-c-3 nonprofit formed to advocate for the reorientation of the city to its historic creek for bikes, pedestrians, and urban redevelopment. Formerly he was the manager of the KY Clean Energy Corps, a partnership of multiple state cabinets focused on promoting economic security through energy conservation in our homes and public buildings.
Isabel_Yates_web Isabel Yates
Isabel Yates has resided in Lexington, KY for over forty years and has been an active member of the business, civic, and art community. For 11 years Isabel served as an elected official on the LFUCG Urban County Council. She served as Vice Mayor from 1999 to 2002 and is known for the preservation of historic McConnell Springs and the promotion of Horse Mania and other public arts projects in downtown Lexington.

… More Details About the Individual Awards
Excellence in Agriculture Award

Agricultural Excellence represents a significant pillar of Fayette Alliance’s mission. This category will recognize key leaders, initiatives, and organizations that have a positive impact on Fayette County’s agricultural community and in turn, the promotion of our rural landscape. Nominees can come from all agricultural areas including, but not limited to: Local Food, the Equine Industry, and General Ag. Criteria that will be conisdered include:

  1. Commitment to Fayette County’s best agricultural interests;
  2. Enduring contributions to the ag-industry; and
  3. Development of or use of innovative techniques and practices
Innovative Development Award

Innovative Development is a essential to growing our city in a sustainable fashion. This category recognizes key leaders, projects, and initiatives that impact the development of Fayette County. Nominees can advance many types of development including, but not limited to, commercial, residential, and industrial projects in an urban or suburban context. Criteria that will be considered include:

  1. Efficient use of development space
  2. Innovative use of materials and development techniques; and
  3. Positively impacts the environment, economy, and/or quality of life of Fayette County citizens
Environmental Stewardship Award

Environmental Stewardship is essential to the quality of life of Lexingtonians as well as the long term health of our beautiful natural landscape. This award recognizes key leaders, initiatives, and projects that positively impact Fayette County’s environment. Nominees can advance all areas of Enviromental Stewardship including, but not limited to, Water Quality, Public Greenspace, and Sustainable Living. Criteria that will be considered include:

  1. Innovative use of, or development of, green technology and sustainable practices that have wide-ranging positive impacts on Fayette County’s water quality;
  2. Practices that follow and exceed national environmental standards;
  3. Practices that contribute to the recreational, ecological, or aesthetic value of Fayette County; and
  4. Having a commitment to making Lexington a  more environmentally sustainable place