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Alliance successfully protects rural landscape at BOA hearing

Rural Landscape

Rural Landscape

At today’s Board of Adjustment hearing, The Fayette Alliance opposed a conditional use permit submitted by Bharatiya Temple and Cultural Center, located at 3050 North Cleveland Road.

The applicant aimed to construct a 6,000 square foot structure—complete with storage space and bathrooms—to their existing 10,000 square foot church building. The subject property is approximately 10-acres in size, and located outside the Urban Service Boundary in the Agricultural-Rural (A-R) zone.

This proposal violated the size limitation of churches in the A-R zone. Please view The Fayette Alliance’s official position statement here for more details.

While the Alliance respects Bharatiya Temple and its role in the community, approval of this conditional use permit would have set a dangerous countywide precedent— opening the door for the widespread construction of large, disruptive mega-churches in the rural area. Such a trend would irreparably threaten the integrity of our iconic Bluegrass landscape and related $3billion signature industries.

The BOA unanimously disapproved the conditional use permit.