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Fayette County’s Agriculture “Cluster” has $2.4 Billion Impact on Local Economy

Photo by David Traxler

Fayette Alliance is strongly committed to promoting our unique Bluegrass farmland—as it is the “factory floor” of our vigorous agricultural industry in Lexington-Fayette County.

According to the recently released study from the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture “The Influence of the Agricultural Cluster on the Fayette County Economy”, conservative findings demonstrate that Fayette County farms and their related “cluster” industries support 1 in 9 jobs in Lexington, have a $2.4 billion impact on our local economy, and lead the nation in revenues for equine production.

Sustainable growth and innovative land-use planning are essential to protecting our “Blue Chip” agricultural brand, industry and landscapes—which is a pillar of our diverse economy and strong quality of life here in Lexington. We must continue to leverage both our rural and urban assets for our collective success, today and in the future.

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“The Influence of the Agricultural Cluster on the Fayette County Economy” UK College of Agriculture, January 2013

Study: Agriculture is Firmly Rooted in Fayette Economy

by Tom Martin, 1.29.13, BizLex.com

Lexington, KY – Linkages, direct and indirect, to agriculture can be found throughout the economy of Lexington and Fayette county, according to a preliminary effort to more clearly define the sector.

A new study, The Influence of the Agricultural Cluster on the Fayette County Economy, conducted by the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture and funded by a grant from the Fayette Co. Farm Bureau documents connections between agriculture and the Lexington business community that had not been explicitly measured until now.

The study finds the benefits of agricultural growth spread over many industries and estimates farms and related “agricultural cluster” industries support one in nine jobs in the county, with a $2.4 billion impact on the local economy…Read more at BizLex.com

Fayette County agriculture tied to 1 in 9 jobs, $2.4B in revenue, study finds

by Janet Patton, 1.29.13, Kentucky.com

At least one in nine jobs — almost 17,000 — in Fayette County is tied somehow to agriculture, according to a new study by researchers at the University of Kentucky College of Agriculture.

The Fayette County agricultural business cluster generates $2.4 billion annually in revenue, and more than $73 million in state and local taxes, UK researchers found. There also are an additional $1.32 billion in other income, profits and dividends associated with the ag cluster.

This economic effect is much broader than previously assumed, in part because the survey looked beyond the farm to businesses that depend on farms, said Scott Smith, UK agriculture dean… Read more at Kentucky.com

Report highlights agriculture’s impact on Fayette County economy

by Laura Skillman, 1.29.13, UK Ag News

Lexington, Ky—Fayette County’s agricultural business cluster accounts for one in nine jobs and $2.4 billion in annual revenue, according to a report by University of Kentucky College of Agriculture researchers.

The study is one of the first to include businesses that are totally dedicated to agriculture, such as veterinary clinics, farm associations, agriculture-specific media and recreation. It further details the impact equine sales and horse racing facilities have on non-agricultural industries. Within the report, local business leaders identified important factors that make the county a good place in which to live, work and operate a business.

Historically, employment associated with agriculture in Fayette County was limited to only on-farm numbers, said Alison Davis, UK agricultural economist, Community and Economic Development Initiative of Kentucky executive director and a co-author of the study. The agriculture cluster is much broader and includes agricultural inputs and food processing. Likewise, there are hundreds of service-based businesses in the county totally dedicated to agriculture, which had never been included in a study exploring the impact of agriculture in Fayette County… Read more at Uky.edu