Author: Ashleigh McGuire

Grow Smart Lex Fayette Alliance

2022 Priorities

2022 Priorities As a non-profit, we have been your voice at City Hall for smart, sustainable growth for 15 years. Our mission from the beginning has been to advocate at city hall, educate the community, and fund research that helps our city decide HOW we grow, because we know that growth is inevitable. Who was...

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Smart Growth Ambassadors

Smart Growth Ambassadors Interested in learning about smart, sustainable growth? Do you have input on how our city uses our natural resources? Do you want Lexington to build more affordable homes in walkable neighborhoods with increased access to transportation options? Join our new Smart Growth Ambassadors program to learn how to be an advocate for...

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Street Patterns and Zoning Notifications

Street Patterns As we continue to grow our city and encourage new development for more Affordable housing, complete neighborhoods, expanded access to transportation options, and greater access to amenities nearby, the way we design our streets is paramount to our community members’ quality of life. We know from the Lexington Sustainable Growth Study that we...

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