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Infill & Redevelopment

04/25/2014"Kentucky Theatre's main auditorium reopens; some renovations remain to be finished", Rich Copley, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/22/2014"New Parking Garage to Spur Imminent Development, Maybe More", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
01/21/2014"Beshear asks lawmakers to approve $65 million for Rupp Arena project", Jack Brammer and Beth Musgrave, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/26/2013"Nearly 5 years after project began, residents still await new DeRoode Street homes", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/11/2013"UK Reveals Design and Breaks Ground for New Gatton College Building", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
10/08/2013"Lexington council approves development that includes centuries-old oak tree", Beth Musgrave, Kentucky.com
10/08/2013"Kentucky Theatre renovation to begin in February", Janet Patton, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/10/2013"Penmoken Park homeowners rehab houses for next phase of neighborhood", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/10/2013"Saul Good restaurant nears opening in Victorian Square", Staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/21/2013"CentrePointe Design Granted Approval in Contentious Meeting", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
08/21/2013"Lexington Courthouse Area Design Review Board approves CentrePointe design", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/25/2013"Old Vine Building Finds Synergy with New Additions", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
07/25/2013"State OKs tax-increment financing plan for CentrePointe project", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/25/2013"Face To Face | Jeff Fugate on Rupp and CentrePointe Moving Closer to Reality", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
07/18/2013"HealthFirst debates cash-reserves goal in planning for new clinic", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/10/2013"How Lexington Can Pay for a Re-Imagined Rupp Arena Should Be Clear By Summer’s End", Erik A. Carlson, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/09/2013"Beshear and Gray to Make Announcement About Rupp Arena and Convention Center", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
07/09/2013"Details Released on an Updated CentrePointe as Council Approves TIF Changes", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
06/18/2013"Judge will take more time for decision in deSha's, Victorian Square case", Taylor Harrison, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/04/2013"Committee to Interview Possible Rupp/Convention Center Architects and Builders", Staff, Business Lexington
05/30/2013"Restoration breathes new life and historic character into former home of artist Henry Faulkner", Celeste Lewis, Business Lexington
05/24/2013"Historical designation delays plans for HealthFirst clinic Read more here: , Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/23/2013"Lexington commission approves rebuilding plans for Euclid Avenue Kroger", Cameron Love, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/20/2013"Zandale shopping center sells for nearly $10 million", Cameron Love, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/18/2013"Land deal to create HealthFirst's new clinic raises questions", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/14/2013"Living Arts and Science Center Completes $1 Million Match", Staff, Business Lexington
05/08/2013"Plans for new downtown cinema, entertainment complex altered", Greg Kocher and Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/01/2013"HealthFirst board votes to quit spending money on Southland Drive clinic", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/29/2013"Three businesses to move from Victorian Square; Saul Good eyes October opening", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/27/2013"University of Kentucky master plan weighs renovation against demolition", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/27/2013"Plan for University of Kentucky could bring road closures, new buildings", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/28/2013"South Hill Gets New Incarnation of the JDI", Kathie Stamps, Business Lexington
03/10/2013"There's no building yet, but CentrePointe altered city's horizons", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/09/2013"CentrePointe project, dormant for five years, gets boost from legislature", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/04/2013"More in store for ever-growing Hamburg", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/02/2013"Transylvania University breaks ground for $8 million athletics complex", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/28/2013"Transylvania University breaks ground for $8 million athletics complex", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/13/2013"Community foundation buys key space in long-vacant condo complex", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/08/2013"New shopping center planned for Nicholasville Road at Man o' War", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/08/2013"White House Black Market, Chico's coming to Lexington Green", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/05/2013"Kroger announces plan for new store at Euclid Avenue location", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/01/2013"Luxury Lifestyle Complex Coming to Downtown Lexington", Kathie Stamps, Business Lexington
01/27/2013"Southland health clinic construction delayed", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/27/2013"5 finalists to make presentations to design Town Branch Commons", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/20/2013"Developer enlivens new business by giving old buildings second life", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/12/2013"Victorian Square exploring its options", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/11/2013"Chase Tower is sold for $11.95 million", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/07/2013"Several neglected sites around town are ripe for redevelopment", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/17/2012"Lexington businessman pays $6 million for Turfland Mall", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2012"HealthFirst approves design for clinic on Southland Drive", Mary Meehan, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/28/2012"Lexington council votes to allow hotel near Southland Drive and Nicholasville", Josh Kegley, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/16/2012"Effort begins to restore dilapidated Lexington apartment complex", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/03/2012"New Lexington Visitors Center Opens at Victorian Square", Staff, Business Lexington
09/15/2012"Goal for University of Kentucky medical complex: regional powerhouse", Linda Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/07/2012"Lexington native redevelops dilapidated apartments near Lakeshore Drive", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/01/2012"South Limestone's transition was tough, but business owners say it was worth it", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/31/2012"Park Plaza apartment buildings to get $2 million renovation", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/21/2012"UK’s Student Housing to Provide Boost for Local Economy", Margaret Buranen, Business Lexington
08/21/2012"City Looks at Partnership to Build Movie Theater Atop Transit Center", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
08/20/2012"University of Kentucky planning five new dorms with private developer", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/15/2012"Old Vine corridor blossoms as one of Lexington’s urban “edge” districts", Scott Hamilton, Business Lexington
08/13/2012"Revitalized downtown key to city life, Commerce Lexington leaders say", Janet Patton, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/13/2012"Southland church to soon buy another piece of Lexington Mall property", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/03/2012"Restoring the old courthouse is a crucial community investment", Robbie Clark, Southsider Magazine
08/01/2012"Partially finished building at New Circle and Winchester to be completed", Daniel Moore, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/10/2012"Lexington Home Builders First in the U.S. To Support Home Energy Rating", Margaret Buranen, Business Lexington
06/25/2012"Trust Lounge, 'barn chasers' among preservation award winners", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/25/2012"Fugate calls development of Limestone, Cheapside districts top successes downtown", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/01/2012"McConnell's Trace greenway in Lexington reopens after restoration", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/20/2012"Editorial: Don't squandor opportunity for town-gown planning", Editorial, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/16/2012"Parlay Social nighclub gets OK to add fourth floor", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/16/2012"Lexington Trader Joe's set to open June 29", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/16/2012"Report calls on UK to build housing that benefits downtown Lexington", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/16/2012"Report calls on UK to build housing that benefits downtown Lexington", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/15/2012"Coalition Calls on Council to "Hold the Line" Against Expanding Development Boundary", Staff, Business Lexington
05/15/2012"Goal: Protect rural Fayette County", Staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/11/2012"Much Ado about Shakespeare and Co.", Lissa Sims, Business Lexington
03/14/2012"Lafayette Academy Apartments brings new energy to 200-year-old former school building", Lissa Sims, Business Lexington
03/14/2012"Bread Box developers bake up space for bold and hip ventures", Jeff Beach, Business Lexington
03/12/2012"New businesses, eateries and residents brings resurgence to North Limestone", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/09/2012"Southland Christian Church's plan for mall site gains Planning Commission approval", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/04/2012"Tom Eblen: We need to balance past, future in historic preservation debates", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/28/2012"Group hopes to buy, renovate historic former First African Baptist Church", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/28/2012"Urban Expert: Big Box Retailers Developing Downtown Models", Dan Dickson, Business Lexington
02/28/2012"Symposium Focus: Historic Preservation Meets Social Justice", Linda Carroll, Business Lexington
02/27/2012"Public meeting Thursday on CentrePointe", Lexington Herald-Leader staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/22/2012"UK trustees give go-ahead for privately developed dorm", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-News
02/20/2012"Fayette board of education to award contract for Stonewall's renovation", Jim Warren, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/19/2012"UK hopes to create a new norm in dorms with expected deal Tuesday", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/18/2012"Latest version of CentrePointe shows progress in Lexington's design process", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/16/2012"Architects present new preliminary design for Lexington's CentrePointe block", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/14/2012"Southland Church seeks to amend Richmond Road development plans", Robbie Clark, BizLex.com
02/08/2012"Owners put Victorian Square up for sale; what's next for downtown block?", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/08/2012"Owners put Victorian Square up for sale; what's next for downtown block?", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/05/2012"University of Kentucky's plan to privatize housing raises some questions", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/02/2012"Vacancy rates finally fall for Lexington commercial space", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/01/2012"Barnhart applauds city's efforts on Rupp but says campus needs must come first", Jerry Tipton, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/31/2012"Downtown rink closes for next phase of renovation", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/24/2012"Design task force to discuss downtown Lexington at Tuesday planning meeting", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/23/2012"Long-delayed condo project showing signs of life in west side of downtown", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/23/2012"Owners put Victorian Square up for sale; what's next for downtown block?", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/17/2012"Collegiate Accommodations: UK Explores public-Private Partnership to Improve On-Campus Housing", Andrea Stang, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/11/2012"Beshear: Downtown/Rupp Project to get State Funds, But Maybe Not as Soon as Hoped", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
01/10/2012"Dilapidated Pennington Place Apartments off Richmond Road sold", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/21/2011"DLC to petition for downtown business management district", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
12/19/2011"Historic Town Branch reemerges as a key to city plans", Van Meter Petitt, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/18/2011"Lexington committee OKs design for Rupp renovation, arts and entertainment district", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/14/2011"UK negotiates with real estate company to build, run student housing", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2011"Lexington Mayor Jim Gray to ask legislature for Rupp Arena funding UK president won't support state funding of project", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2011"University of Kentucky plans to hire consultants to help efficiency", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2011"Dudley Webb buys historical building at Main and Limestone", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2011"After Nixing Support of Rupp Funds, UK Looking to Privatize Dorms", Tom Martin, BizLex.com
12/13/2011"Editorial | Progress for Pennies: Local tax option would put Rupp's future back in Lexington's court", Op-Ed, BizLex.com
12/12/2011"Capilouto: University of Kentucky won't support state funding for Rupp Arena", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/09/2011"Downtown Lexington district would assess property fees", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/06/2011"DLC Readies to Roll Out Petition for Downtown Management District", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
12/06/2011A Game Changer: Living Arts and Science Center addition would double space, Erin Holaday Ziegler, Business Lexington
12/04/2011"Rupp Concept Embraces Optimism", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/02/2011"Rupp Arena discussion leads to other parts of downtown Lexington", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/01/2011"Lexington mayor tells legislators it is possible to renovate Rupp Arena", Jack Brammer, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/01/2011"Consultant unveils ideas for reinventing Rupp Arena and surrounding area", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/30/2011"Renovated Rupp Arena would meet UK's needs and cost far less than a new arena, study says", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/29/2011"Transylvania to move bookstore as part of broader expansion plans", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/29/2011"Rupp Arena task force to hold public meeting Wednesday night", Staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/24/2011"Transylvania looks to purchase land for athletic fields on W. Fourth Street", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/22/2011"New leader named for Lexington's Downtown Development Authority", Staff Report, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/22/2011"Change agents take on expansion of Living Arts & Science Center", Tom Martin, BizLex.com
11/22/2011"Restoration of the Old Courthouse should be part of the Rupp District Plan", Foster Ockerman, Jr., Business Lexington
11/18/2011"Lexington Distillery District designers show plans to the public", Josh Kegley, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/16/2011"Living Arts & Science Center plans $5 million expansion project", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/16/2011"Madison Square Garden renovation wows Rupp task force members: Renovation plan for Madison square garden intrigues Lexington leaders", Jerry Tipton, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/15/2011"Meeting to discuss ideas for Distillery District set for Thursday", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/15/2011"Lexington moving to convert downtown to two-way traffic", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/15/2011"New ice skating rink to open in Triangle Park on Saturday", Valarie Honeycutt Spears, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/11/2011"Ready for the Rink: New skating rink in Lexington's renovated Triangle Park set to open this month", Tom Martin, BizLex.com
11/08/2011"UK's dorm-building needs community input", Op-Ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/05/2011"Construction at Central Baptist Hospital to impact traffic, parking beginning Monday", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/03/2011"Phoenix parking garage to be razed, Mayor Jim Gray says", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/02/2011"Study suggests need for more hotel rooms downtown", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/01/2011"What now for CentrePointe?", Op-Ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/01/2011"Study of Lexington Center Calls for More Space, More Hotel Rooms: Report may vindicate CentrePointe developer's latest decision", Tom Martin, BizLex.com
10/30/2011"Belief in a good outcome at CentrePointe requires hope", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/28/2011"University of Kentucky searching for private developer to build new dorm", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/28/2011"Architect Jeanne Gang no longer involved with CentrePointe, developer says", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/27/2011"UK dorm-building plan a smart move", Op-Ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/26/2011"UK plans $30 million dorm; long-term plan calls for 9,000 new beds", Linda B. Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/24/2011"Arena report goes beyond what's best for basketball", Rich Copley, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/20/2011"Seeing Rupp in a new way", Op-Ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/19/2011"Architect presents ideas for Rupp and surrounding area", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/12/2011"Keeneland's attention to design should be emulated", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/12/2011"Keeneland’s attention to design should be emulated", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/09/2011"Chance to build a downtown economic engine", Brent Rice, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/06/2011"Craft brewery with tap room to occupy part of former Lexington bakery", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/30/2011"Locust trees planted as part of Triangle Park's transformation", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/29/2011"Tiffany plant shines as new recruit to region", Op-Ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/28/2011"Tiffany opens new Lexington plant that will employ 125", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/15/2011"City launches Arena District website", Staff, Business Lexington
09/13/2011"Downtown plan about more than Rupp", Op-ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/12/2011"Alltech breaks ground for bourbon distillery west of downtown Lexington", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/08/2011"Planner says it's too early in process to determine Rupp's future", Beverly Fortune & Jerry Tipton, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/02/2011"Trust in Time", Erik A. Carlson, BizLex.com
08/31/2011"Red Mile redevelopment might include instant racing", Janet Patton, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/28/2011"Arena master planner: Rupp could be renovated if convention center moved", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/27/2011"UK basketball arena fact-finding group visits Indianapolis", Jerry Tipton, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/18/2011"Lexington arena study group will visit Columbus on Friday", Staff Report, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/18/2011"Dance studio to grace distillery district", Dan Dickson, Business Lexington
08/17/2011"Trader Joe's will open Lexington store in 2012", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/17/2011"New BCTC campus a vital piece of Lexington's future", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/16/2011"Construction begins on new BCTC campus; Eastern State Hospital takes shape", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/31/2011"Rupp Arena task force's work about to become more public", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/28/2011"CentrePointe design: Smaller projects most exciting aspect", Jeanne Gang, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/17/2011"CentrePointe redesign process points way for Lexington Center redevelopment", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/07/2011"Up on the Roof: Dudley's takes its dining experience to the top", Lissa Sims, BizLex.com
07/05/2011"Straightforward on CentrePointe: Questions and Answers", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
06/30/2011"Kroger explores rooftop parking for Euclid Avenue store", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/27/2011"Dudley's, Shorty's, Table Three Ten among historic preservation honorees", Jim Warren, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/21/2011The Greenville Formula: Trust and an Extra Pair of Eyes, Tom Martin, Business Lexington
06/17/2011"Optimism about CentrePointe; Rifts closing around new approach", Staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/17/2011"Public-private efforts fueled Greenville renaissance", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/15/2011"UK trustees approve plan to buy University Lofts building for arts space", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/15/2011"Tom Eblen: Revival of Greenville, S.C., could hold lessons for Lexington", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/13/2011"Where do the remains of Lexington Mall go?", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/11/2011"UK looks at University Lofts to replace Reynolds Building", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/03/2011"Fresh start on CentrePointe design gets a warm public reception", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/03/2011"The Promise (and Predicament) of CentrePointe", Under the Hood, Rob Morris
06/02/2011"New architect impresses CentrePointe skeptics", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/26/2011"Growing Lexington", Campbell Wood, BizLex.com
05/26/2011UK undergoes energy overhaul, Margaret Buranen, Business Lexington
05/07/2011"Plan OK'd for new Triangle Park with cafe, central lawn, ice rink, games area", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/07/2011"Pub, townhouses planned for vacant S. Broadway parcel", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/25/2011"Downtown Lexington building's facade going back to 1900s", Amy Wilson, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/15/2011"Barnhart says UK must play in 'gold standard' arena", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/08/2011"Chicago architect to offer ideas for CentrePointe design", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/07/2011"UK sorority withdraws request for zone change on East Maxwell", Lexington Herald-Leader
04/07/2011"Redesign of Triangle Park would focus on people", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/06/2011"Preservation and reuse is good for Lexington's health and future", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/06/2011"New information on Triangle Park", Dan Rowland, Progress Lex
04/05/2011"Symposium Examines New Ways to Reuse Old Buildings", Margaret Buranen, Business Lexington
04/04/2011"Mayor adds members to Lexington Center panel", Staff, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/04/2011"University of Kentucky's cutting-edge VisCenter gets sharp new home", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/03/2011"Tom Eblen: Question for arena task force is bigger than Rupp", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/29/2011"Gray Announces Task Force to Study Options for Rupp, Lexington Center Land", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
03/29/2011"Two Day Symposium to Focus on the Reuse of Existing Structures", Staff, Business Lexington
03/17/2011"Coldstream Heads Upstream: UK's Coldstream Research Campus eyes building a new town center with amenities to make it more attractive to present and future business tenants", Dan Dickson, Business Lexington
03/15/2011"Column: Dispelling the Downtown Myths", Ann Bransom, Business Lexington
03/04/2011"Bill to spur retail and research at UK's Coldstream campus advances", Beth Musgrave , Lexington Herald-Leader
02/22/2011"Nick Ryan's Saloon to Expand to Neighboring House", Anne Sabatino Hardy, BizLex.com
02/20/2011"Old gas station at Lexington Mall up for sale", Scott Sloan, The Lexington Herald-Leader
02/18/2011"Bank takes over unfinished downtown condo complex", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/09/2011"Bill to help mixed-use project at UK's Coldstream campus advances", Beth Musgrave and Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/09/2011"University of Kentucky fraternity gets go-ahead for off-campus study lodge", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/08/2011"Main Street façades getting a makeover", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/02/2011"East End development plan includes help center for non-profit groups", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/26/2011"Gray Calls for Panel to Study Redesigning Rupp Arena", Jerry Tipton, The Lexington Herald-Leader
01/25/2011"UK sorority puts plans for East Maxwell Street house on hold", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/18/2011"Artisans' "beehive" to hold open house", Staff, BizLex.com
01/11/2011"New downtown nightspot readies to open: TrusT to accommodate generational tastes, preferences", Erik Rust, BizLex.com
01/06/2011"Grocery to open on Short Street in downtown Lexington", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/06/2011"Local architects discuss their industry", Dan Dickson, Business Lexington
12/27/2010"From bus shelters to visitors' centers, Prajna builds environmentally friendly", Andy Mead, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/13/2010"Plans progressing for downtown CVS site, developer says", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/04/2010"Gray wants Rupp Arena to remain 'competitive' Says new arena is among options", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/01/2010"Downtown businesses ask city to stop closing streets: Downtown bars, restaurants say Friday, Saturday night events hurt sales", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/24/2010"Downtown Development Authority Chief to Retire in '11 Harold Tate announces 2011 departure", Tom Martin and Erik Carlson, BizLex.com
11/23/2010"Downtown Business Owners to City: Shutting Streets for Gatherings is No Favor to Business", BizLex.com
11/19/2010"Triangle Park to close for major makeover Dying trees just the start of problems to be fixed by park foundation", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/12/2010"Lexington planners approve 365-unit development off Athens-Boonesboro Road", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/26/2010"New BCTC Campus to Incorporate Historic Elements", Erik A. Calson, Business Lexington
10/21/2010"Central Baptist begins $200 million addition Chief exec: 2nd hospital at Hamburg someday", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/20/2010 "Building BCTC's new campus may take 20 years: Newtown campus may take 20 years to finish", Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/30/2010"State OKs assistance to Angliana project", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/17/2010"Area Home Sales Down Dramatically", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/12/2010"Architectural renderings revealed for new Southland Christian Church campus: Would have parking for 1,800 vehicles", Andy Mead, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/10/2010"Southland's Plans for Lexington Mall Get City's Blessing", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/09/2010"Southland Christian Church Greenlighted to Purchase Part of the Lexington Mall Property", Business Lexington
09/03/2010"New Trees on West Vine Street Dying, Will Be Replaced Before WEG", Andy Mead, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/26/2010"Council Votes to Rebid Distillery District Feasibility Study" , Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/25/2010"Lyric Theatre Plans October Reopening Celebration", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/24/2010"Southland Christian expects to buy, revamp Lexington Mall for $30 million", Beverly Fortune, Lexington-Herald Leader
08/19/2010"Council moving forward with makeover of Manchester Street: Method of awarding Distillery District contract generates division", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/04/2010"The Arts' New Address: Artist colony concept takes hold on National Avenue", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
07/30/2010"State approves financing for Angliana project", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/27/2010"Renovation projects bring optimism to North Limestone Renovation projects will help area, but 'returning life to community' takes time", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/20/2010"Crowded Woodland Triangle Gets Some Space Nearly 20,000 square feet of commercial space now available in niche neighborhood", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
07/20/2010"LexTran Receives $5 Million Federal Grant for New HQ: LEED certified building to eventually replace 80-year-old former Greyhound Depot", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
07/20/2010"LexTran to build facility on north side: $5.1 million grant will be used for project, seen as boon to area", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/16/2010"Developer OKs city's CVS design requests: Pharmacy to have urban look", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/04/2010"Southland Christian to buy Lexington Mall property: Church plans additional campus at Richmond Road site", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/16/2010"Updated: Jos. A, Bank, Deli locating in downtown Lexington Both plan openings in late summer", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
06/10/2010"New Design for CentrePointe Submitted", Tom Martin and Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
06/10/2010"Dudley Webb submits scaled-down version of CentrePointe Nothing will happen at site until after equestrian games", Beverly Fortune and Cheryl Truman, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/10/2010"Historical marker touts Lexington's distillery district", Beverly Fortune , Lexington Herald-Leader
06/10/2010"An official nod to Manchester's historical significance", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
06/09/2010"Historical Marker Touts Lexington's Distillery District", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/07/2010"Red Mile tax-increment project advances: Redevelopment planner seeks $54 million in tax funding", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/28/2010"Lexington planners take first step toward design standards", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/24/2010"How Design Review is Democracy in Louisville", Hayward Wilkirson, Progress Lex
05/11/2010"New touches on old approaches led to the rebirth of an industrial city: Chambers' trip examines Steel City renaissance", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
05/11/2010"How Pittsburgh pulled itself out of the pit: Revitalized city offers tips for Kentuckians", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/29/2010"Now that zoning changes are in the works, how will they be enforced?" Procedures up in air for rental Crackdown", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/21/2010"Work begins on renovation of Lexington's Cheapside Park", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/15/2009"Closure hearing rescheduled for student housing", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/10/2009"Lexington council to file financing application for Angliana development", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/04/2009"Lexington council to file finanancing application for Angliana development", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/03/2009"Council to consider bonds for Distillery District, other projects", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
12/02/2009"Lexington council meets partner in proposed distillery", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/30/2009"Tom Elben: A tale of two revived downtown neighborhoods", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/25/2009"Retail survey to show what downtown needs", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/09/2009"Acres of prime land are full of potential", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/09/2009"Lexington Mall at the mercy of out-of-town owners", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
11/09/2009"Lexington Mall site history", Herald-Leader Staff , Lexington Herald-Leader
10/30/2009"Distillery District projects get green light from state", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/25/2009"Planning for redevelopment of Turfland Mall", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/09/2009City finds 'significant life safety issues' in rental houses near UK, Ryan Alessi, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/06/2009"Students, landlords reiterate concerns", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/30/2009Horse farm fence being built around CentrePointe site downtown, Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/25/2009Financing approved for public projects near CentrePointe development, Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
07/02/2007"A look at who's moving downtown-Urban housing lures a variety of buyers", Jim Jordan, Lexington Herald Leader
06/06/2007"$3 million tax break planned for plaza-Shelbourne project gets tentative OK for help", Michelle Ku, Lexington Herald Leader
05/24/2007"Newberry wants infill land bank-City would buy property, sell it to developers", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
05/10/2007"Bell Court Area Infill Planned-Neighborhood to meet to consider condominium development", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
05/04/2007"Incentive for infill development", Editorial, Lexington Herald Leader
03/09/2007"Bringing it together", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
03/09/2007"Driving in Circles", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
03/09/2007"Lexington in the 21st Century", Drura Parrish, Business Lexington
03/04/2007"Hospital construction everywhere", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald Leader
03/03/2007"Distillery district in works downtown", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
02/23/2007"Past meets future on Manchester", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
01/01/2007"Looking ahead at the issues- from groceries to Congress, local, global economies in flux", Staff Wire Reports, Lexington Herald Leader
09/17/2006"Neighbors Collaborate to renovate - took charge of development site", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
09/11/2006"Developer transforms old tobacco processing plant into modern homes", Jennifer Hewlett, Lexington Herald Leader
09/03/2006"Opinions and Ideas - Redirect City's Growth", Kelly Hainsworth, Lexington Herald Leader
09/03/2006"Building a new development model", Rob Snyder, The Chevy Chaser
07/28/2006"The appeal of urbanity", Ian Epperson, Business Lexington

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