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Growth Issues

09/12/2012"International Law Firm to Bring 250 Support Jobs to Lexington", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
09/04/2012"Residents question developers about proposed hotel near Nicholasville Rd.", Jim Warren, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/07/2012"City Wants Your Help in Update of Comprehensive Plan", Staff, Business Lexington
08/03/2012"Southsider: Biggest Movers", Staff, Southsider Magazine
06/01/2012"Ex-UK administrator Frank Butler will be manager for Rupp Arena project", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/29/2012"Big Ass Fans unveils plans to expand and to hire 300 people", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/29/2012"Big Ass Fans to Expand, Add 150 Jobs", Staff, Business Lexington
05/23/2012"Tax commission must ensure competitiveness", Dave Adkisson, Business Lexington
05/23/2012"Fayette Home Sales Up 14 Percent", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
02/01/2012"Building the Force: BGWIB hones mission to provide skilled workforce to meet needs of area employers", Erik A. Carlson, Business Lexington
01/24/2012"LBAR Announces $1.1 Billion in Bluegrass Real Estate Sales in 2011", Staff Report, Business Lexington
08/16/2011"Study: Kentucky Leads States in Corporate Relocations", Staff, Business Lexington
08/05/2011"Vacant Lexington apartment complex gets attention while bank looks for buyer", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/27/2011"Boundary for development in Fayette Co. not expected to grow", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/26/2011"Gray: Focus our growth within existing urban area", City News, LFUCG
04/26/2011"Growing Lexington Where?", Stu Johnson, WEKU News
03/18/2011"Lexington grows, but many nearby counties have higher rates", Greg Kocher, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/24/2011"Downtown office vacancy rate rises", Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/11/2011"Home price index: national decline, local increase", Staff, BizLex.com
12/17/2010"Lexington named fifth best place to buy a home in 2011", Staff, WKYT
10/13/2010"With the Games Gone, Now What?", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/28/2010"Beyond Downtown Development: Lexington should embrace evolving community pockets around the city", Ann Bransom, Business Lexington
09/10/2010"Housing inspectors find fewer problems in neighborhoods surrounding UK: City Makes rounds in advance of football game", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/01/2010"Burning Question: How has preparing for the games led to change in Lexington, and how will these changes benefit the city in the long run?", Business Lexington
08/24/2010"UK launches program to help its students who live off campus", Jim Warren, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/16/2010"Lexington, Louisville officials set priorities for collaboration after Pittsburgh trip", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/02/2010"City needs clear vision of how it will develop", Matthew Clarke, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/25/2010"Lexington council approves 2011 budget that dips into rainy-day fund: Plan Includes selling land, using reserve fund", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
06/09/2010"Pittsburgh Perspective", Ernie Yannarella, Ace Weekly
04/28/2010"Outsiders appreciate our architecture more than we do", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/30/2010"Burning Question: What do we need to become a more creative city?", Biz Lex Staff, Business Lexington
03/17/2010"Agreement seems near on rental rules Student housing drives zone changes", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/09/2010"Council to hear housing changes: Zoning amendments aimed at neighborhoods near UK", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/07/2010"Eblen: Charleston, the transformed mayor's oversight of urban design returns rich dividends", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
03/01/2010"Eblen: PDR still a great deal for taxpayers", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/09/2010"Lexington to host 2010 Creative Cities Summit: Renowned urban theorist Richard Florida to keynote", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
12/08/2009"There's a link between lower crime, greener city", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/15/2009Bluegrass-area home sales up in third quarter, Scott Sloan, Lexington Herald-Leader
09/10/2009"Hamburg poised to cross I-75: 600 acres set for development", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/20/2009Developing Roadblocks: Painstaking Pace of Process Change, Change comes slow and steady for downtown development process, Will Rouse, Business Lexington
08/07/2009Developing Roadblocks, Part 2: The Wrench in the Gears, Will Rouse, Business Lexington
01/25/2008"Straight From The Horse's Mouth", Kym Russell, Business Lexington
06/17/2007"Make city more responsive to citizens", Editorial Board, Lexington Herald Leader
03/25/2007"Commercial sprawl bad deal for Bluegrass", Editorial Board, Lexington Herald Leader
03/09/2007"Bluegrass Branding", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
02/09/2007"Filling in the blanks", Billy Van Pelt, Business Lexington
02/05/2007"New plan would put pizazz in downtown", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
02/04/2007"Neighborhoods preserved by historic district rules", Win Meeker, Lexington Herald Leader
02/04/2007"Dispute endangers preservationists' credibility", Ross C. Lovely, Lexington Herald Leader
02/01/2007"Building permits plummet by 30.1%-Fayette 2006 drop worst in Bluegrass", Jim Jordan, Lexington Herald Leader
01/07/2007"Put growth issue at top of city's 2007 agenda", Leland Conway, Lexington Herald Leader
01/05/2007"Just say no-development plan wrong for airport", Editorial Board, Lexington Herald Leader
01/01/2007"Newberry aims to right 'Athens of the West'- Lexington inaugurates new mayor, council"
12/28/2006"Airport hotel in the works-preliminary discussions call for parking, additional businesses", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
12/14/2006"South Hill project announced", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
12/06/2006"Transit center developer is chosen", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
12/04/2006"We must end selfish use of land", Kari O'Connor, Lexington Herald Leader
12/04/2006"Creating rigid urban service boundary is unrealistic", Walter May, Lexington Herald Leader
11/29/2006"Something for everyone- Development proposed at Short and Midland", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
11/22/2006"Planning Ploy- Commission should reject 'reserve' proposal", Editorial Board, Lexington Herald Leader
11/17/2006"Urban border won't be expanded- some land might be put in 'reserve'", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
11/12/2006"Follow the voter's direction", Editorial, Lexington Herald Leader
10/29/2006"For U.K. to make 'top 20', what must Lexington be like?", Jamie Gumbrecht, Lexington Herald Leader
10/29/2006"Mayoral Referendum-on the council: We'll see newcomers or familiar faces in new places", Michelle Ku
10/27/2006"Two way traffic crucial to revitalize downtown", Bill Lear, Phil Holoubek, and Robin Schneider, Lexington Herald Leader
10/27/2006"Millions for Mansions- market in a muddle", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
10/27/2006"Prices see biggest drop in 35 years", Martin Crutsinger, Lexington Herald Leader
10/27/2006"How will the USA cope with unprecedented growth?", Haya El Nasser, USA Today
10/26/2006"Enticing Home Buyers - Builders, realtors sweeten deals to move inventory", Jim Jordan, Lexington Herald Leader
10/24/2006"Panel delays decision on service area-Planning Commission says it has too many questions to allow expansion",, Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
10/23/2006"Questions for the Candidates", Lexington Herald Leader
10/22/2006"Isaac Gets Houses; Newberry Gets Horses-Developers, farmers give to favorites", Sarah Vos, Lexington Herald Leader
10/12/2006"Grocers might return to downtown-developer says one food store has signed letter of intent", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
10/10/2006"Residents say put brakes on home building-planners have last expansion forum", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
09/28/2006"Editorial- Wider consequences- Central Baptist proposal needs more study", Editorial Staff, Lexington Herald Leader
09/03/2006"The Housing Slump - but almost certain as demand, prices plummet", Paul Krugman, Lexington Herald Leader
09/01/2006"Most landowners' bids for urban status rejected", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
08/09/2006"Lawyer sees big obstacles for UK - Zoning may block Spindletop Plans", Lexington Herald Leader
08/07/2006"Alter Growth Plan with Great Care", Lexington Herald Leader
08/06/2006Editorial Cartoon, Joel Pett, Lexington Herald Leader
08/06/2006"Plan for all of Lexington, not just developers", Lexington Herald Leader
08/04/2006"Opinions - Foes of Expanding Urban Service Area are passionate too", Lexington Herald Leader
08/04/2006Editorial Cartoon, Joel Pett, Lexington Herald Leader
06/16/2006"Are our cities making us fat?", MSNBC.com
05/14/2006"Getting a Grip on Growth: The Next Mayor Could Plan a Big Role in the City's Development.", Sarah Vos, Lexington Herald Leader

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