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Fayette Alliance in the Press

05/11/2011"Tom Eblen: It's time to get involved in Lexington's planning process", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
05/03/2011"The 2011 Comprehensive Plan", Knox van Nagell, op-ed, ProgressLex
04/27/2011"Boundary for development in Fayette Co. not expected to grow", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/26/2011"Growing Lexington Where?", Stu Johnson, WEKU News
03/17/2011"Ivy League role model: Penn offers example of effective and deliberate town-gown integration", Jane S. Shropshire, Business Lexington
02/09/2011"The future of cycling in Central Kentucky is looking good" , Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/02/2011"Grounds for dispute: Lexington needs better rules for land use conflicts between farms, rural industry", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/17/2011"Ky. Voices: Rural land, urban infill both essential", Knox van Nagell, op-ed, Lexington Herald-Leader
01/06/2011"Green architecture is slowly on the rise in Lexington", Natalie R. Lile, LEED AP, Business Lexington
12/21/2010"Tax Benefit Extension Expected to Stimulate Conservation Easement Donations", Natalie R. Lile, BizLex.com
10/12/2010"Local Candidates Respond to Group's Growth Questionnaire", BizLex.com, BizLex.com
06/03/2010"Fence sitting, by design: Mayoral leadership needed on design standards", Opinion-Editorial, Lexington Herald-Leader
04/18/2010"Creating a place that 'makes the heart sing': summit focused participants on lexington's assets, challenges", Knox van Nagell, Lexington Herald-Leader
02/01/2010University of Kentucky Sustainability Newsletter, The President's Sustainability Advisory Committee, University of Kentucky
01/15/2010"A Greener Tomorrow: USGBC to begin registering LEED certified neighborhood developments in 2010", Natalie Reed, Business Lexington
10/27/2009"The Resource", the Equestrian Land Conservation Resource Fall 2009 Newsletter, Equestrian Land Conservation Resource, Equestrian Land Conservation Resource
10/25/2009"New growth model", Knox van Nagell, Lexington Herald-Leader
10/20/2009Study: Lexington should thing young, cheap, Linda Blackford, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/14/2009Angliana Avenue development gets preliminary nod, Andy Mead, Lexington Herald-Leader
08/14/2009Cattle Farming in the Bluegrass, Business Lexington, Business Lexington
07/15/2008"Two developers take different approaches to public", Tom Eblen, Lexington Herald Leader
07/09/2008Article concerning the Fayette Alliance and the CentrePointe development, Michelle Ku, Lexington Herald Leader
06/27/2008"Lexington's Footprint", Knox Van Nagell, Business Lexington
06/03/2008"Horse Farms", Episode 1, Business Lexington TV
05/30/2008LYPA Rising Stars-20 under 40 to keep an eye on: Knox van Nagell, Business Lexington
02/22/2008"Fayette Alliance Infill Platform", Guest Commentary by Knox Van Nagell, Business Lexington
01/25/2008"Straight From The Horse's Mouth", Kym Russell, Business Lexington
01/04/2008"Fayette Alliance Looks Inward: Land protection group offers plan to promote infill,", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
12/28/2007"Fayette Alliance Looks Inward-Land protection group offers plan to promote infill", Tom Martin, Business Lexington
11/02/2007"Fayette Alliance: A coalition for conservation", Becky Hughes, Business Lexington, Vol. 3, Issue 20
07/15/2007"Park Polo: Fun funds-20-goal match raised money for rural conservation,", Amy Wilson, Lexington Herald Leader
06/24/2007"Tour highlights county's infill buildings, farms-Fayette Alliance project shows two examples of smart growth", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
06/15/2007"Looking inward can make living affordable", Knox Van Nagell, Business Lexington
06/11/2007 "Summer tours to take visitors behind gates of area farms-Club revives tradition; Alliance hopes to teach about growth", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
02/18/2007"Growing pains in the Bluegrass", Glenye Cain Oakford, The Daily Racing Form
02/07/2007"Historic home owner wants simplified rules", Coleman D. Callaway III, Lexington Herald Leader
01/28/2007"Brothers in Horse Business-Nicholson's divergent careers led to equine industry", Sarah Vos, Lexington Herald Leader
01/23/2007Lexington Planning Commission Takes Steps to Prevent Urban Sprawl, Esther Marr, Blood Horse
10/23/2006"The Equine Equation", Pam Mitchell Mangus, Business Lexington
10/23/2006"Growth vs. Development: Real Estate Perspectives", Jennifer Mossotti, Business Lexington
09/26/2006"Storm water, city must get serious about fixing problem", Lexington Herald Leader
09/26/2006"Residents plan lawsuit-city is warned: take steps to fix sewers or face legal action", Cherly Truman, Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
09/18/2006"Church's rezoning quest exemplifies threat to land", Ernie yanarella, Lexington Herald Leader
09/17/2006"Growth debate still horses vs. horses", Essential Bluegrass, Staff Report
09/17/2006"Plans for Hamburg part of national trend", Karla Ward, Lexington Herald Leader
09/12/2006"More than 100 turn out to discuss, and decry, city's growth", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
09/08/2006"Fayette Alliance joins growth and planning debate", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
09/08/2006"Where will new residents live? Forum discusses how to handle Lexington's growth?", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
09/08/2006"Storm on the horizon", Susan Baniak, Business Lexington
09/06/2006"At Large Candidates Speak Out- Six give views on urban service area expansion, other issues", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader
08/28/2006"Development's Ripple Effect - Environmental disruption would pollute Fayette streams", Editorial Board, Lexington Herald Leader
08/15/2006"Quest for Fairness", Opinions, Lexington Herald Leader
08/13/2006"Lexington should grow up, not out ", Editorial, Lexington Herald Leader
07/23/2006"Plan for long-term prosperity", Editorial and Joel Pett Cartoon, Lexington Herald Leader
06/30/2006"Gateway to Lexington: Years of planning take form on Newtown Pike", Business Lexington, Vol. 12, Issue 13.
06/06/2006"Horse Industry Mobilizes to Protect Fayette Farmland", The Blood-Horse
05/31/2006"Leaking Sewers", Editorial, Lexington Herald Leader
05/29/2006"Urban Growth Simmers Again", Beverly Fortune, Lexington Herald Leader

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