Vice Mayor Gorton Expects to Appoint Bike Trail Taskforce by late-February

Cyclists in Fayette County

Cyclists in Fayette County

In the interests of responsibly leveraging our precious Bluegrass farmland as a community amenity for Lexingtonians and visitors alike, the Alliance is asking Vice Mayor Gorton to appoint a diverse stakeholder group to examine the use, location, and funding for bike trails in the rural area of Fayette County. The findings of this taskforce could then be reported to both the Mayor and Council for potential adoption and implementation. Click here to view the letter to Vice Mayor Gorton.

The Alliance believes this Bike Trail Taskforce would be a remarkable opportunity for Lexington-Fayette County—whose work could result in a rural trail “blueprint” for our community. Such a system could link the current trails of our emerging urban environments to our breathtaking farmland in Fayette County and the greater Bluegrass Region—creating an extraordinary economic development, quality of life, tourism, and transportation tool for our city and state.

Please let us know what you think. Email Knox van Nagell, Executive Director of The Fayette Alliance. Your input is crucial to create a sustainable Lexington that benefits all of us. We can’t do it without you!

The future of cycling in Central Kentucky is looking good

By Tom Eblen
Posted 2.9.11 on

Meanwhile, The Fayette Alliance has asked Vice Mayor Linda Gorton to appoint a Bike Trails Task Force to bring stakeholders together to figure out how to design and finance recreational trails throughout Fayette County.

An extensive trail system could be “an extraordinary economic development, quality-of-life, tourism and transportation tool for our city and state,” said Knox van Nagell, director of the land-use advocacy group.

“I’m super-excited about this,” said Gorton, who expects to appoint the task force by the end of February….



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