Eastern KY Youth Population Declines While Aging Population Rises

“Census: Eastern Kentucky school-age population declines, aging population rises”
Map of KY | Chris Ware & Linda Johnson, Kentucky.com

Map of KY | Chris Ware & Linda Johnson, Kentucky.com

By Dori Hjalmarson and Linda Johnson, 5.5.11, Kentucky.com

PIKEVILLE — Even as population trickled out of many rural and Appalachian counties in Kentucky, the numbers of people 65 and older kept growing, according to 2010 U.S. Census data released Thursday. The aging of baby boomers is not a trend that’s new or unique to rural Kentucky, but the fact that the overall population has shrunk in many rural counties makes the trend more pronounced.

In 12 of the 36 counties whose overall population declined since the last census in 2000, the 65-and-older population increased by double digits. In Menifee County, for example, the overall population declined by 3.8 percent to 6,306, but the number of people 65 and older grew by 30.2 percent, to 1,005…Read more at Kentucky.com


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