Board Approves Design for CentrePointe

A rendering of the latest CentrePointe project update showed an aerial view from Vine and Limestone. | photo courtesy of Lexingtin Herald-Leader

Design for Lexington’s CentrePointe project gets board’s approval

by Beverly Fortune, 3.28.12,

The Courthouse Area Design Review Board on Wednesday approved the latest — and presumably final — design for developer Dudley Webb’s hotel, condo, retail and office project on the CentrePointe block in downtown Lexington.

With the exception of some relatively minor changes — including removal of a controversial pedway — it is the design EOP Architects presented to the board on Feb. 15.

The CentrePointe project includes a 28-story hotel-condo tower and six other buildings on the block, including four smaller structures on Main Street designed by several local architects… Read more at

Pedway dropped from CentrePointe design application

by Janet Patton, 3.15.12,

A controversial pedway has been withdrawn from the design of the CentrePointe project, at least for now.

In a letter to the Courthouse Area Design Review Board, CentrePointe attorney Kimberly Bryant said the developers, the Webb Companies, are withdrawing the pedway from the design to be considered later this month “in order to minimize the pedway issue as a possible distraction from the construction and financing of the project.”

Bryant said the developer “recognizes that some in the community have questioned the need or appropriateness of the pedway.” The pedway would have passed over South Upper Street and connected two buildings — the circa 1846 McAdams & Morford building and the 1860 building that houses McCarthy’s Bar and Failte Irish Imports…Read more at

Read more,

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