City Approves CentrePointe Design

Rendering by EOP Architects

Rendering by EOP Architects

Tie-Breaking Vote Needed to Approve CentrePointe Design

by Erik A. Carlson, 10.09.13,

Lexington, KY – It took a tie-breaking vote for the Courthouse Area Design Review Board to swing approval for the latest design of the CentrePointe block in downtown Lexington.

Two of the board’s design professionals, architect Graham Pohl and UK architectural professor Martin Summers, voted to block the new designs proposed for the long awaited and much maligned project in the center of downtown.

The design review board, which has say over construction design in a close proximity to Lexington’s historic courthouse, had a different makeup from the board’s August meeting in which designs for CentrePointe were narrowly approved pending alterations to an apartment building on the block…Read more at

Lexington architects file lien against CentrePointe property, Webb says architects paid in full

by Beth Musgrave, 10.04.13,

The former architects of the long-delayed CentrePointe project in downtown Lexington have not been paid more than $430,000 for their services, according to documents filed Thursday. But developers of the project said Friday that the architects have been paid in full.

EOP Architects of Lexington filed a lien against the CentrePointe property on Thursday. According to the documents filed with the Fayette County Clerk, EOP says CentrePointe’s developer, the Webb Companies, owes the firm $432,789.56.

Dudley Webb, the company’s chairman, told the Herald-Leader Friday that he has already paid EOP for their services and plans to fight the lien. Thursday’s filing will not slow the project’s progress, Webb said…Read more at

City officials shouldn’t issue permit for CentrePointe until there’s good design, guaranteed financing

by Tom Eblen, 10.08.13,

If there is one thing Lexington officials should keep in mind over the next few weeks, it is this: there are far worse things you can have in the center of your city than a grassy field.

Developer Dudley Webb will be back before the Court House Area Design Review Board on Wednesday seeking final design approval for his long-stalled CentrePointe project. Webb must convince the board that his proposed development of offices, apartments, restaurants, shops and a hotel is compatible with the surrounding area.

In Webb’s last appearance, Aug. 21, a divided board reluctantly gave partial approval to his latest design — CentrePointe version 6.0 — but wanted more work on some elements. The board’s reluctance stemmed from the fact that CentrePointe 6.0 was a big step backward from the previous, well-designed version…Read more at

Read more,

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“CentrePointe project, dormant for five years, gets boost from legislature” by Beverly Fortune, 3.9.13,

“Legislature approves bill to help Lexington’s CentrePointe development by Beth Musgrave, 3.8.13,

The Webb Companies are proposing a $250 million, mixed-use infill development on Main Street’s old Woolworth Block. The proposal will create 920 jobs, and include luxury condos, a four star hotel, office space, and retail units. It will be forty stories tall- four or five feet shorter than the Big Blue Building. The LEED certified structure will be the newest addition to Lexington’s signature skyline.

To achieve the project’s full potential, the Alliance urges the Webb Companies to address the community’s concerns with the development’s scale and orientation, available infrastructure, the displacement of established businesses on the block, and the protection of the historic structures on the site in the final development plan.

View The Fayette Alliance’s position statement.


Since CentrePointe’s public introduction in March 2008, the Alliance has conditionally supported the project-in furtherance of much needed investment and redevelopment in the downtown area and as a core strategy in preserving Fayette County’s renowned rural landscape. These conditions are grounded in the legal requirements and recommendations of the Downtown Masterplan and the EPA consent decree.

However, recent LFUCG Council proceedings and meetings with members of Lexington’s infill development community and local political leadership indicate that the developers of CentrePointe continue to proceed through the TIF financing and local ordinance processes without meaningfully addressing these conditions.

No doubt the Fayette Alliance is in favor of infill redevelopment on the Woolworth Block , but it must be done in accordance with the Downtown Masterplan and the EPA Consent Decree. In addition, there should be a transparent government process by which the community can meaningfully participate in the development’s design.

As such, the Fayette Alliance is withdrawing its support of the CentrePointe project at this time. It is our hope that we can work together to address the design, scale, infrastructure, and other issues associated with this landmark project. To do otherwise, hangs the promise of CentrePointe and Lexington-Fayette County in the balance.

View The Fayette Alliance’s position statement.

  • Hap Houlihan

    Thanks for your votes, Graham and Martin. Thousands of Lexingtonians are sorry the vote didn’t go your way, and I fear that thousands more will eventually be sorry…


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