Rural Land Management Plan Update Approved by Planning Commission

Thursday, the Planning Commission adopted the update to the Rural Land Management Plan. This landmark document was first created and adopted in 1999 to manage our invaluable rural assets. No significant policy changes were included in the update. Work by Long Range Planning to update the 1999 Rural Land Management Plan has been ongoing since […]

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Equine Industry

The equine industry is one of the largest industries in Central Kentucky, contributing billions of dollars to Kentucky’s economy each year. The horse industry contributes $3.5 billion to our state’s economy. This signature industry is responsible for 96,000 jobs in the state, and more than 194,000 Kentuckians are involved in the business as horse owners, […]

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Cattle Industry

Fayette County is not only famous for its horses, but also its livestock. Kentucky is the 8th largest cattle-producing state in the US. In our state 38,000 beef farmers raise approximately 2.2 million head of cattle, making it the largest cattle-producing state East of the Mississippi River. In addition to cattle raised for beef, Kentucky […]

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Agriculture in Fayette County isn’t just horses, livestock, and crops… it’s also about tourism. In 2010 according to the USDA, Fayette County had farm sales of $504.1 million and was ranked the number one agricultural county in Kentucky.  Fayette (one of 120 counties in Kentucky) achieved 10.4% of all agricultural farm sales in the state.[1] […]

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Row Crops, Food Security, & Biofuel

Although row crops are one of the smaller agricultural industries in Fayette County, they are still vital to Lexington’s farm economy. There are 46.5 square miles of harvested cropland in Fayette Co. accounting for 16.45% of the county. In 2008, crop receipts in Fayette County totaled $14.4 million, a significant number coming from such a […]

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Urban Sprawl’s Effect on Farmland

Despite the economic, environmental, and cultural significance of our precious Fayette County farmland…we are losing it at an alarming rate. In 2005 the Inner Bluegrass Region, including Fayette County, was placed on the World Monuments Fund’s list of one of the one hundred most endangered cultural landscapes in the world…because of our alarming loss of […]

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