Enforcing Land-Use Rules is Important

Recently, the law department has taken action in court against one of the many property owners who would rather pay small fines than repair neglected houses that are a blight on neighborhoods…

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Yum! Center’s Financial Woes Could Affect Louisville Taxpayers

“A look at how reckless arena financing could result in taxpayers bailing out the Yum! Center…”

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Growing Farmers

Check out this video and to learn what Long Island is doing to preserve and grow their farming community…

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Lexington Doesn’t Move Beyond Finals of Bloomberg Challenge

Your ideas for improving our city could be worth $5 million | Photo by Jeff Rogers | www.jeffrogers.com

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Plan for Lexington’s Pension System Clears House Committee

Deal Immediately Cuts Unfunded Liability from $300 Million to $161 Million

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Industrial Hemp: Kentucky’s Next Cash Crop?

The subject of hemp legalization, while discussed and debated for decades, has been mostly seen as a cause célèbre of the political margins, either the “hippie” Far Left or the libertarian Far Right… Read more.

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Lexington and Louisville Mayors Testify in Favor of Option Sales Tax

“Lexington Mayor Jim Gray urged state leaders Wednesday to pass legislation that would allow communities to vote for a temporary sales tax of as much as 1 percent to pay for major infrastructure projects.”

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New York Design Firm Wins Town Branch Commons Design Competition

When the Downtown Development Authority issued a request for a firm to design Town Branch Commons, bringing Town Branch Creek to the surface for the first time in more than 100 years, it received 23 proposals.

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Fayette County’s Agriculture “Cluster” has $2.4 Billion Impact on Local Economy

Fayette County ag-cluster study released by UK sheds light on the value of Lexington’s vibrant agricultural industry.

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Lexington Council Passes Budget

Despite the passing of FY 2013 LFUCG City Budget, there are still plenty of pressing issues eating up the city’s coffers…

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