Cinema Complex Plans Altered

Two companies that specialize in building and operating movie theaters have expressed interest in building a six-screen movie complex in downtown Lexington. One of the potential sites includes the two parking lots on High Street that sit atop the Lexington Transit Center parking garage and bus transfer center. | Photo courtesy of

Plans for new downtown cinema, entertainment complex altered

by Greg Kocher and Mary Meehan, 5.08.13,

Plans for a downtown Lexington movie and entertainment complex have hit a bump.

Jeff Fugate, executive director of the Downtown Development Authority, said plans are off to build a movie theater on top of the Transit Center or behind the Kentucky Theatre.

However, movie-theater developer George Krikorian of California said he is in negotiations for an alternative site that he didn’t wish to identify…Read more at

2 companies express interest in building downtown movie complex in Lexington

by Beverly Fortune, 9.10.12,

Two companies that specialize in building and operating movie theaters have expressed interest in building a six-screen downtown movie complex.

Metroplex Theatres, doing business as Krikorian Premiere Theatres, in Torrance, Calif., and Look Cinemas in Dallas responded to a request by the city to hear from companies interested in pursuing a downtown theater, entertainment and restaurant project.

Both have experience with theaters in urban settings.

The first step is to “vet the developers themselves,” said Jeff Fugate, president of the Downtown Development Authority. “We want to look at their qualifications, their financial wherewithal, their capacity to pull off a project like we have in mind.”…Read more at

City Looks at Partnership to Build Movie Theater Atop Transit Center

by Erik A. Carlson, 8.21.12,

Lexington, KY – Lexington officials have requested developers to step forward and offer ideas for a “Cinema, Entertainment, Restaurant” project to encompass a swath of downtown already boasting films and theatrical performances in the hopes of forming a defined Theater District.

“The Lexington Downtown Development Authority (LDDA) and the Lexington Fayette Urban County Government (LFUCG) have determined certain city-owned parcels of property in the downtown area could be redeveloped to build upon the ongoing renaissance of Lexington’s downtown night life,” states a Request For Qualification (RFQ) issued by the city last week…Read more at

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