Overview of Lexington’s Current Real Estate Market

Racing for real estate: Facing rising sales and low inventory, Fayette County homebuyers move quickly to grab properties — or lose out

by Susan Baniak, 7.20.16, Kentucky.com

The benefits of home ownership fell generally out of favor for many during the recession. Additional driving factors behind the increase in rental demand in recent years may include the projected population growth in the Bluegrass, which is expected to increase from 310,000 to 375,000 by 2030, and the increased enrollment of university students looking for off -campus housing, O’Neill said.

Those factors, combined with uncertainty about the stock market and low interest rates, have led some investors to snap up more property, even as the housing market turns up, Hilliard said.

“The rental market in Lexington is so strong, and rental prices have been going up,” Hilliard said. “The investors I’ve worked with have been really satisfied making real estate a part of their investment portfolio.”…Read more at BizLex.com


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