2016 Lafayette Seminar Focused on Economic Development and Collaboration

Economic development in university cities is all about collaboration

by Tom Eblen, 4.10.16, Kentucky.com

What are the secrets to economic development? An important one is collaboration.

That point came through clearly last Thursday, when the University of Kentucky’s Gaines Center for the Humanities held its annual Lafayette Seminar in Public Issues.

The keynote speaker was Wade Troxell, mayor of Fort Collins, Colo. He then took questions along with Lexington Mayor Jim Gray from an audience of about 50 people that included some of Lexington’s most influential citizens.

Their topic was “university cities” — how they can prosper and what they can learn from one another. The seminar grew out of research by Scott Shapiro, one of Gray’s top aides.

Shapiro was analyzing data last year when he noticed that Lexington shared strikingly similar characteristics with five other cities: Fort Collins; Lincoln, Neb.; Madison, Wis.; Ann Arbor, Mich.; and Durham-Chapel Hill, N.C…Read more at Kentucky.com


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