National Avenue Continues to Attract New Tenants

Breaking news: National Avenue corridor getting key new tenant

by M. David Nichols, 3.31.15,

The blossoming National Avenue corridor is about to welcome a key new tenant, with plans to turn the high-profile corner of Walton Avenue and Winchester Road into a showpiece gateway into the area.

Locals’ is a bar and restaurant concept being developed by Seth Boyd and Billy Oakley. Friends since high school, the pair are mining their deep experience in working for and managing area restaurants, including stints at Applebee’s, Turf Catering, Grey Goose, Cheapside and others. If all goes according to plan, Boyd and Oakley said, Locals’ should be open by the end of June.

“I want to do it right,” Boyd said. “We’re thinking about the next 25 years, not just getting it open as soon as we can.”…Read more at


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